Who Is Dr. Johnny and Lezlyn Parker?

Hear it from the source...

We met in college. I (Lezlyn) am from Jamaica, West Indies, and I (Johnny) am from Jamaica, New York. I told her that I was Jamaican. She believed me. I was honest, right? Our love story officially began on June 3, 1989, when we said, “I do” and then our “I do” quickly turned into, “Why did we do this?”

Our story became one of drama and lacking the proper communication skills. I (Johnny) was working as a marriage counselor, and we had to seek marriage counseling to turn the page in our story of loneliness and isolation.

One day while on a hike, I (Johnny) prayed this prayer, “God, show me, me. I am tired of the drama in my marriage.” That prayer started a tearing up of the marital script we both brought into the marriage. Jesus (The Author) began to write a new story in our hearts. A story of forgiveness, vulnerability, and surrender.

Now we’re on the same page. We’re passionate about serving as “Life Editors” and helping pre-married and married couples surrender their stories in exchange for God’s better story.